OEM CAPABILITIES We have the most professional technical team combined with a high level of mechanical processing and plastic injection equipment. Whether it is all kinds of surgical tools, orthopedic implants or renal dialysis supplies, they are our areas of expertise. We have the clean room with flexible capacity, which is able to adapt a little variety or mass production. We specialize in OEM manufacturing, treasure every task that customer entrusted to.
Single spindle CNC Tool type lathes
ARBURG injection molding machine
QSC provides customized professional assembly service
Company Profile
Production Management、Customer Service、HR Development、Cost Control
QSC is located in Taichung Export Processing Zone in Wuqi District, Taichung City.The total factory area is around 18,000㎡ The major product supply is OEM automotive and medical components. Key customers range from Europe to North America.
QSC management team is more than 30 years of experience in OEM, we use advanced robotic arm to replace traditional labor-intensive productivity, which can get better efficiency, stable quality, innovation and quick response system to maintain our own competitiveness.